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Justin Sun showed a screenshot of a wallet with $1.6 Billion in Bitcoins

Justin Sun showed a screenshot of a wallet with $1.6 billion in bitcoins Justin Sun - an advisor to the HTX cryptocurrency exchange

Justin Sun Debunks Rumors with $1.6 Billion Bitcoin Wallet Screenshot on HTX

Changpeng Zhao resigned as CEO and Binance will pay $4.3 B to the US treasury

Changpeng Zhao resigned as CEO Changpeng Zhao - former CEO of Binance

Binance's Major Shift: Changpeng Zhao Steps Down Amidst $4.3 Billion US Settlement

Peter Brandt: Exposing Binance as a Global Scam

Peter Brandt - Exposing Binance as a Global Scam Peter Brandt - the CEO of Factor

Renowned Trader Exposes Binance's Global Scam

Changpeng Zhao: The number of Binance users reached 150 million

Changpeng Zhao - The number of Binance users reached 150 million Changpeng Zhao - the CEO of Binance

Binance Surpasses 150 Million Users: A Milestone in the Crypto Exchange Space

The Winklevoss brothers: "Bitcoin is much more reliable than gold"

Winklevoss-Bitcoin-more-reliable-than-gold Winklevoss brothers - founders of the Gemini DEX

The founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss believe that Bitcoin is much more reliable than gold, because there are huge reserves of this metal on asteroids.

Popular trader Dave Portnoy interviewed the Bitcoin billionaires of the Winklevoss, in which they stated that Elon Musk will someday mine gold from asteroids, so it is better to invest in Bitcoins. The value of Bitcoin and gold is in the limited supply of these assets, but if gold is mined in space, then its price will collapse.

CoVEX — A Single Platform to Complete the Entire Crypto Lifecycle

PRESS-RELEASE-CoVEX-EXCHANGE CoVEX — A Single Platform to Complete the Entire Crypto Lifecycle

CoVEX has been emerging as the most comprehensive and easy to use platform for buying a cryptocurrency and using all modern trading services. CoVEX is not just popular for buying, selling, trading but CoVEX aims to become one-stop platform for crypto-exchange with the highest maintain security, user-friendly with reduced downtimes. CoVEX offers the first all in one crypto cryptocurrency exchange platform that incorporates all the features that you would want to see on an exchange platform.

Brian Armstrong: To adopt cryptocurrencies, we must reduce their volatility

Brian-Armstrong-To-adopt-cryptocurrencies Brian Armstrong - CEO of Coinbase

The head of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, Brian Armstrong, believes that in order to take digital assets, it is necessary to reduce volatility, as well as to improve the scalability and use of coins.

Coinbase Exchange paid $ 30 thousand for the detection of a critical bug

Coinbase-Exchange-paid--30-thousand Coinbase Exchange paid $ 30 thousand for the detection of a critical bug

The American Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase paid a reward of $ 30,000 to a hacker who found critical vulnerability in the exchange system.

It is reported that the error was registered on the portal HackerOne on February 21. A Coinbase spokesman stressed that the vulnerability had already been closed, but did not cover the details. The error report itself was also closed from public access, but, given the high reward, the vulnerability was very serious.

CEO Huobi: the exchange brings 70% of the company's revenue

CEO-Huob--the-exchange-brings-70-of-the-companys-revenue Livio Weng | CEO Huobi Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bears on the cryptocurrency market have dominated for more than a year. In various thematic chats you can hear a huge number of stories about the loss of more than 80-90% of the deposit in dollars, but customer losses are not reflected in any way on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Huobi Global CEO Livio Weng in an interview with the South China Morning Post (SCMP) shared information, according to which 70% of the company's revenue brings the main exchange business.

Kyle Samani: “At the end of 2019, I still expect Ethereum to be the market leader”

Ethereum-to-be-the-market-leader Kyle Samani | Co-founder of Multicoin Capital

Co-founder and managing partner of the Multicoin Capital cryptocurrency fund, Kyle Samani, shared his opinion on important trends in the field of cryptoassets for the coming year.

Samani noted that he is closely watching the popular Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange and its development of a new decentralized platform, the launch of which can change the digital industry. He expects that the status of this exchange will allow it to attract a large number of users to an alternative solution, while Binance competitors, who are also developing such platforms, are unlikely to succeed.

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