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How to SUBMIT and EDIT the ICO Page

For FREE ICO Submission just fill the Submission Form.

Open the ICO Submission Form

Click the menu button "SUBMIT ICO FREE" (You can do it as a GUEST, but we recommend to register an account) and Fill the Submission Form.

Fill the Sumission Form

Free ICO Submission

Select the ICO Category. When the Category will be selected, you will see additional fields - start and finish dates, Symbol and Platform. Select the dates and fill these fields.

Enter the TITLE - Short (UNIQUE) name of your ICO (Please, do not use additional symbols like "ICO', "PRE-ICO", "TOKEN" or COIN SYMBOLS).

Select the ICO STATUS (Upcoming, Ongoing, PRE-ICO of Ended) and The Initial Coin Offering form (e.g. ICO, STO or IEO).

Enter the ICO Description. (Try to use the UNIQUE text. No limits! Just, all the information to explain the main IDEA of the PROJECT with some details).

First 150 letters will be published in the ICO BOX (On the LIST). Full Description will be published on the ICO Page. You can insert the text with CTL+V. Anyway this text will be a bit redacted by our Moderators to improve SEARCH ENGINES RANKING!!!

Enter the URLs (with https://) of the WEBSITE, WHITEPAPER and SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS of your ICO. Enter the URL of the ICO Video from YouTube or Vimeo

Upload the ICO Project Cover Image

Free ICO Listing

Better to use the HIGH-QUALITY image with the ICO logo or website pageview. Best DIMENTIONS - width 800px, height 400px Better to use JPG IMAGES! Our Designers will improve the image to make it more attractive. You can edit the image NAME (e.g. "ico-brandname"). Click the button "Add Image" and you will see the preview. If you want to change uploaded image, delete it using the button in the right corner, and upload the new one. 

Select ICO Listing Promotion Features

Promote Your ICO

ICO List submission is FREE! If you want to attract more attention and more visitors to your ICO Page, you can apply Promotion Plans. Just select a Plan and make payment. If you need to use the selected plan during a custom time period, send us a mail and we will fix it.

More details about the Promotion Plans you can find in ICOLINK ⭐ Advertising

SAVE when everything is Done

List The ICO Free

After the saving, your ICO will be revised by ICOLINK Moderators. They will edit some parts of texts to make them better for visitors and Search Engines. Sometimes, our Moderators could offer the new COVER IMAGE for your ICO (designed using officially published ICO Images on the ICO website or Social Accounts).

You will receive an Email with all details and links. Login and password of this account you will find in the Email. After the revision, ICO Page will be published on the ICOLINK.COM ICO LIST 

If you have Listed the ICO as GUEST, our Moderators will create a Community account for you (based on the Email from Submission form). Activated account will be needed if you decide to make some changes on your ICO Page.

Edit or Delete the ICO Page

Edit ICO in the List
Edit ICO in the List

You will see the ICO on your Community Profile Page and on the special page "My Submitted ICOs". You can find LINK in the USER MENU (When Logged-IN).

You can do it anytime using a button "EDIT" on the ICO Page (Being Logged-In). 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is the ICOLINK?

ICOLINK is the Crypto Community driven ICO List - free ICO listing directory with Reviews. ICO reviews, descriptions, ICO images, videos and links to their websites, whitepapers and social links. The List of Upcoming and Ongoing ICO projects. Cryptocurrency offerings, Blockchain and Crypto News.

At ICOLINK, we are dedicated to providing the best possible information on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Our team of experts has conducted extensive research and analysis to bring you the most up-to-date and comprehensive information available.

Our ICO Listing Platform and Blockchain Community created for discussing the latest trends in the cryptocurrency market and how they relate to ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). For providing you with valuable insights into the benefits and risks associated with investing in ICOs.

How to register and activate Account?

Register an Account

To create an Account, click the button "REGISTER" on the TOP. You will see a simple Registration Form. Just fill the form and activate your account with the email. To activate your community account, click the activation link in the e-mail, which our system will send you after the registration. To change the Avatar image, visit your community account and upload your avatar (200x200px). To change the Cover image of your Community Page, click an ICON on the center “Upload Cover”.

More details: How to Register & Log-In

How to submit ICO Page to the List? What are the ICO Editor Requirements?

Submit ICO

For the new ICO Submission you don’t need to be a Member of ICOLINK.COM Community. But if you will decide to edit ICO page better to create a community account. Only ICO creator has rights to use the ICO editor. Click the menu button "SUBMIT ICO FREE" and Fill the Submission Form.

More details: How to SUBMIT and EDIT the ICO Page

How to edit and promote ICO Page in the List?

Edit ICO

Use the button "EDIT" (TOP RIGHT Corner on the ICO Page) to make any changes on the page with the ICO editor interface (As well as to upgrade the Promotion Plans). 

More details: How to SUBMIT and EDIT the ICO Page

Who can make the ICO review?

ICO Reviews

Any Community Member has rights to review ICO in the list. These reviews are not the expert rates, but only advises for Developers about main things need tuning in their website presentations for contributors.

As it mentioned above, all the reviews made by our Community Members. All the ratings (Like TOP Active and Upcoming ICO for example) made by our experts and advisors.

You cannot review Pages published by yourself. But there is no any way to control if you do it from the other account, registered in Community.

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