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Brian Armstrong: Cryptocurrency Payments Should Be Instant and Free

Brian-Armstrong-Cryptocurrency-Payment_20230920-055911_1 Brian Armstrong - CEO of Coinbase

Cryptocurrency Payments Revolution: Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Envisions Instant & Free Transactions

Mark Cuban's Strategy for Crypto Firms to Sidestep Regulatory Scrutiny

Mark-Cubans-Strategy-to-Sidestep-Regulatory Mark Cuban - American billionaire and 'Shark Tank' star

Unveiling Mark Cuban's Revolutionary Blueprint for Crypto Companies to Circumvent Regulatory Obstacles

Tim Draper: Bitcoin will hit $250,000

Tim Draper: Bitcoin will hit $250,000 Tim Draper - renowned American venture capitalist

Venture investor Tim Draper has reiterated his prediction that Bitcoin will reach a value of $250,000.

Tim Draper: It's worth investing in at least two cryptocurrencies

Tim Draper: It Tim Draper - renowned American venture capitalist

American venture capitalist Tim Draper is urging entrepreneurs to prepare for the possible collapse of new banks as a result of government money printing and interest rate hikes.

Cryptoffer – best crypto deals in one place

Cryptoffer is a crypto assets comparison platform, that provides free of charge premium class assistance to crypto users who are looking for the best crypto offers: DeFi loans, savings, and swapping. Cryptoffer helps you compare different crypto deals in just a few clicks. In one place.

Japan Finance Minister urged journalists to use the term "crypto assets"

Japan-Finance-Minister-urged-to-use-the-term-crypto-assets Taro Aso | The Minister of Finance of Japan

Japan Minister of Finances and Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso called on journalists to stop using the term "virtual currencies" and opt for "crypto assets".

Taro Aso gave a speech at a press conference after the government meeting. The full transcript of questions and answers dated March 26 was published by the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) on April 25th, along with an English translation.

Christine Lagarde stated the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Christine-Lagarde-benefits-of-cryptocurrencies Christine Lagarde - The head of the International Monetary Fund

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, spoke optimistically about the cryptocurrency, saying that they "do not pose an immediate danger," and their regulation is appropriate "in a balanced manner." 

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