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Hynx ICO

ICO Hynx Description:

ICO Description

Hynx is the first ever Crypto which supply decided by its investors. Yes that's right our maximum supply is 10 Billion but we are minting only those crypto which is bought through presale by our investors.


And not just that our Founder's member share and Exchange Listing percentage of crypto also as per crypto sold in presale. What it’s meaning? Its meaning that if we sold only 500 million than Founder's member will get 10% of 500 million i.e. 5 million. Same with Exchange Listing and Our Rewards & Marketing also not fixed, we generate only that much crypto which we will given in Rewards to investors or use for promotion of sales & marketing.


Our Max Buy also limited to only 2 Eth (Base Mainnet). Why we do this? Sometimes 'Whales' and some other big investors invest in presale project and when launch comes they immediately sold their coins and in response coin's price collapse and project fall apart. To prevent this we make sure that no one can bought more than decided amount.


We as a project initiator taking care of every aspect that after launch price will control by its real investors and we will grow all together.

⭐ Hynx ICO details:

Hynx ICO ICO Details

Hynx ICO Start: 04 08 2024

Hynx ICO End: 10 03 2024

Hynx Symbol: Hynx

Hynx Platform: Basechain

Hynx Offering Type: ICO

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