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Jesus Christ Coin

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Jesus Christ Coin ICO

ICO Jesus Christ Coin Description:

ICO Description

Jesus Christ Coin ($FJCC) is a novel cryptocurrency token designed to facilitate essential programs aimed at leveling the playing field for marginalized individuals, such as addicts seeking rehabilitation, the homeless in need of a fresh start, and those lacking the means to improve their circumstances.
For every token purchased on the open market, another token is deposited into a secure wallet made public to the $FJCC community, dedicated to funding services and essential items to empower individuals to transform their lives. Unlike traditional welfare programs, FJCC focuses on providing training and resources to help individuals build self-sufficiency and a sense of value. We will be partnering with businesses around to world to create training and placement services for all enrolled in FJCC programs.  Token holder will have input on the types of services offered.  They will also have priority of referrals into any FJCC program.
As the value of FJCC grows, a portion of the maximum token supply will be burned, increasing the value for token holders. Participation in FJCC programs requires referral through local churches, ensuring a community-oriented approach. Once enrolled, individuals must utilize FJCC tokens for all services and donations provided. To streamline operations and ensure transparency, local warehouses will be established to store essential items and create a marketplace exclusively for FJCC transactions. This approach ensures that funds are utilized effectively and directly benefit those in need within the community.  This also will, in time, increase the need / demand for FJCC tokens.  As the value of each token increases so does the level of service that can be offered through FJCC programs. 

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Jesus Christ Coin ICO ICO Details

Jesus Christ Coin ICO Start: 05 01 2024

Jesus Christ Coin ICO End: 10 31 2024

Jesus Christ Coin Symbol: FJCC

Jesus Christ Coin Platform: Ethereum

Jesus Christ Coin Offering Type: ICO

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