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Wiener AI ICO

ICO Wiener AI Description:

ICO Description

Wiener AI ($WAI) – a groundbreaking AI token that merges the worlds of artificial intelligence, canine loyalty, and the obvious appeal of sausages into a singular global movement.


As the first Wiener/Dog/Artificial Intelligence hybrid, Wiener AI is not just a digital asset–he's the most powerful cybernetic being in the universe. With his precision vision module set on becoming the "top dog" in the cryptocurrency charts, $WAI will unleash its unique staking rewards and build the unstoppable Sausage Army.


Are you ready to join the ranks?

WIENER VISION – Project Objectives i A new world where AI is synonymous with companionship.n i A kinder, gentler, more hilarious future where a goofy-looking wiener dog-robot catalyjes the entire meme coin space into one singular force– The Sausage Army.n i A world where humans see AI as not just a tool, but a friend.n i A prosperous, bold future where AI constantly evolves in a positive direction.n i Total domination of the meme coin landscape.


The $WAI Token: $WAI is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Upgradeability: AI’s capabilities are only just scratching the surface of what will be possible in the near and distant future. For this reason, Wiener is infinitely upgradable, with modular technological capabilities. Wiener AI will always be at the cutting edge of AI technological advancement. 

⭐ Wiener AI ICO details:

Wiener AI ICO ICO Details

Wiener AI ICO Start: 04 10 2024

Wiener AI ICO End: 09 21 2024

Wiener AI Symbol: $WAI

Wiener AI Platform: Ethereum

Wiener AI Offering Type: ICO

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