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CinemaKoin ICO

ICO CinemaKoin Description:

ICO Description

CinemaKoin is a web3 conglomerate project focused on developing a one-stop solution catering to crypto trading, NFTs, Metaverse, and blockchain needs. We are building an entire ecosystem consisting of CinemaKoin, the cryptocurrency; C- Swap, the decentralized exchange; Cine-Marketplace, the decentralized NFT marketplace; Cinemaverse, our metaverse; and Cinemachain, our blockchain.


Our team at CinemaKoin is keen on building a one-stop solution catering to the needs of a novice and an industry expert. CinemaKoin (CK) starts with a cryptocurrency - the entering point of this whole ecosystem.


C- Swap, our decentralized exchange (DEX) platform, is perfect for expert traders and beginners. The next one in the CinemaKoin bucket is Cine- Marketplace. This user-friendly NFT marketplace will also provide higher royalty fees and an additional security layer to protect users.


Cinemaverse is the metaverse that begins with entertainmentmovies, concerts, and web series, but not limited to it. We aim to make Cinemaverse the first, most significant, and best cinematic metaverse. To make it a complete web3 basket, we will develop our layer blockchain named Cinemachain.


High security, high scalability, and lower transaction fees are some of the unique features of Cinemachain. Combined, CinemaKoin is a wholesome and single-point solution for web3 needs.

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⭐ CinemaKoin ICO details:

CinemaKoin ICO ICO Details

CinemaKoin ICO Start: 10 20 2023

CinemaKoin ICO End: 11 05 2023

CinemaKoin Symbol: CK

CinemaKoin Platform: Binance Smart Chain

CinemaKoin PreICO End: 2023-01-15

CinemaKoin Offering Type: ICO

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