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Splitting Me ICO

ICO Splitting Me Description:

ICO Description

Splitting Me allows users to own as much real estate as they want without the declaration to any individual or institution. With our blockchain technology and the Law of Business, we promise that our clients’ properties ownership is completely legal and confidential.


Using RWA tokens as a means of payment will help people complete their transactions instantly. The benefits of this method are fast, low-cost. It also can be done anywhere on the planet, at any time, with unlimited amount of money. Importantly, if a third party by some ways obtains the txid of this transaction, he still can not know the identity of the sender. Through our company's real estate representative, you can own real estate in every country without the declaration to any individual or organization.


The "Mint NFT" function will allow one Estate to be divided into somes of, hundreds or thousands of smaller shares, but their value still varies linearly with the respective Estate. Through this function, Splitting Me allows hundreds of people to own the same property, in accordance with their share. Therefore, the safety of personal interests is secured totally.


Swap and Farm allow shareholders, who own the share of the real estate (token BEP20 minted from NFT), to optimize their profits by buying low, selling high, or adding LPs for obtaining more earning from trading fees (swap fees) of this platform (the swap fees are decided totally by the investor who added LPs)


The “Lending” function will allow investors to mortgage or pledge their real estate, and receive up to 90% of the property value, depending on the property type and property location.


- mint a NFT which represent for asset in web3
- mint NFT to BEP20 tokens, every BEP20 token is a shares of your asset in the real world.
- mortgage your property for USD, up to 90% of your asset's value
- marketplace for trading your RWA (your real world asset).
- swap and liquid pool for trading shares of the asset
- own as much real estate as you want without the declaration to any individual or institution.

⭐ Splitting Me ICO details:

Splitting Me ICO ICO Details

Splitting Me ICO Start: 03 08 2025

Splitting Me ICO End: 03 08 2025

Splitting Me Symbol: RWA

Splitting Me Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Splitting Me Offering Type: ICO

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