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ICO Levblockchain LVE


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ICO Description

Levblockchain LVE, will help many new, young, passionate people who are trying to work on new technology projects, blockchain projects and products. Many of Greek Developers abandoning because of the country’s educational erroneous infrastructure and frozen economic growth.

Our organization Levblockchain LVE together with new developers located in Greece will help each other to develop real and future use of blockchain and adopting it by Projects made by real physical contribution, helping Greek territorial communities of developers and startups. We hope to become regulated in Greece because there are no regulations about crypto and is not illegal, also government announced that tends to adopt blockchain in the future so we want to be the first formal start-up in Greece and become indexed security organization at Greek stock exchange, at this premature Exchange market.

The fixed supply of token, 40% circulating supply and annual buybacks of 25% from total sold supply of tokens at the rate of 0.0032 Eth for the first year and +interest of 10% every new year will support our Token Levblockchain LVE to avoid inflation and to be properly handled and holded. DAO, Founders, start-up’s team and token bounties will hold the 50% of total token’s supply as a long term maturing investment besides that support’s our’s and contributor’s Return of investment ROI as much as Ranking our Token Levblockchain LVE and also our DAO as Valuable and Attractive.

Our organization’s funding phases: -Private sales smart contract is already deployed for a limited offer of 2.500.000 LVE at discount price 0.0009 Eth send ether and immidiately receive LVE tokens(ongoing) -Pre-ICO (upcoming at MAY,discounted pack offers,paid only by Ethereum) -MAIN ICO phase (at August 1st 2019,paid only by Ethereum) -Buy-back smart contract will be published(deployed) before our ICO and once the ICO reach the funding goal ,then the DAO will hold the amount raised from the ICO and send the amount of Eth needed for the first year’s buy-back smart contract. Once the first buy-back smart contract reach the deadline of tokens to be bought back(25% of total tokens sold) then the new buy-back smart contract will be published (deployed) at 0.0032 Eth price +10% interest rate.

Our token represents the shares(assets)company will hold (ex.Buildings)or pricing of the company tied to growth profits and speculation, also our token used for holders to have voting rights about our organization and ecosystem’s opinions and decisions also expenses withdrawals and payments. Levblockchain LVE Ecosystem’s purpose is to successfully create a community of new people and educate them if needed and provide free offices, internet , Hypercomputers and every tool for passionate teams of Blockchain Educators, Hardware technicians, Cloud Networking Technicians, Technology Market analysts and new Developers - programmers, to grow and expand Levblockchain LVE DAO Ecosystem’s projects and invest at other Blockchain based start-ups.

This way we achieve helping each other for real and future use of blockchain adoption by Projects made by real physical contribution helping Greek Territorial communities(not only) of developers and startups. Basic developer and technician expenses will be covered so they do not distract attention from education and projects. Physical book and digital libraries for educational purposes of early-stage developers. Workspaces for every registered new developer or team. Registration will take place by Ethereum wallet address of every new-comer at a custom registry smart contract holding ethereum addresses and the time for being working in hour workspace.


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✅ ICO Levblockchain LVE details

ICO Details

ICO «Levblockchain LVE» ICO Start: 2019-08-01

ICO «Levblockchain LVE» ICO End: 2020-03-26

ICO «Levblockchain LVE» Symbol: LVE

ICO «Levblockchain LVE» Platform: ETHEREUM

ICO «Levblockchain LVE» PreICO Start: 2019-05-26

ICO «Levblockchain LVE» PreICO End: 2019-07-26

ICO «Levblockchain LVE» Private Sale Start: 2019-03-18

ICO «Levblockchain LVE» Private Sale Finish: 2019-05-24

ICO «Levblockchain LVE» Offering Type: ICO

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