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ICO CyberTime Finance


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CyberTime Finance ICO

ICO Description

CyberTime Finance is a whole ecosystem of products on the NFT market. NFT Fantasy League for crypto artists & NFT lovers. No presale or IEO. Get NFTL tokens by farming in 18 pools and use NFTL to get CTF. DAO ecosystem for project development and distribution of funds from the Community Development Fund with governance token CTF. Exclusive Time collection of 86,400 NFTs and NFT exchange platform.


Advantages for crypto artists
  • Earn not only by selling work, but also by voting (it is planned to make $ 1 per vote)

  • Make money selling your work at the final auction. You may not even take a prize in the voting, but successfully sell at the end. There remains a moment of unpredictability

  • Declare yourself to the world. Absolutely everyone can participate in competitions: unknown artists and super popular. The contests bring together crypto art connoisseurs in one place. New stars will light up

  • Fantasy League makes people look at art differently. On the one hand, you enjoy the work, on the other hand, you try to catch the "trends" and guess the mood of users and popular works / authors at the moment

Advantages for users
  • It is not necessary to buy NFT, you can support the author during the voting. All voting history will be saved in your wallet

  • The ability to create your own Fantasy Team from cryptoartists and their works. Fantasy Team helps you get involved in contests, follow authors and trends

  • Possibility to buy works of any of the participants in the competition. This is not just an NFT, but an NFT with history. It could be the winners of one of the stages or a rising star of the NFT scene. The community itself will create history

  • Get cashback for buying NFT with the native NFTL token



✅ ICO CyberTime Finance details

ICO Details

ICO «CyberTime Finance» ICO Start: 2024-08-13

ICO «CyberTime Finance» ICO End: 2031-08-14

ICO «CyberTime Finance» Symbol: NFTL

ICO «CyberTime Finance» Platform: Ethereum ERC-20

ICO «CyberTime Finance» PreICO Start: 2024-08-13

ICO «CyberTime Finance» PreICO End: 2031-08-14

ICO «CyberTime Finance» Offering Type: ICO

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