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Peter Schiff: Bitcoin has the potential to reach $10 million

Peter Schiff - Bitcoin has the potential to reach $10 million Peter Schiff - Economist and well-known cryptocurrency critic

Bitcoin's Potential $10 Million Valuation: Peter Schiff's Perspective

Economist and well-known cryptocurrency critic Peter Schiff has made a surprising statement about the potential future value of Bitcoin. On social media, Schiff, who is typically skeptical about digital currencies, acknowledged that Bitcoin could reach an astounding $10 million under certain extreme economic conditions. This projection is tied to a hypothetical scenario involving the collapse of the US dollar, drawing parallels to historical events.

The Hyperinflation Parallel

Schiff's statement comes in response to a user query about Bitcoin potentially soaring to $10 million by 2031. He drew a comparison to the hyperinflation experienced in Germany post-World War I, particularly from 1921 to 1923, when the German currency, the Deutsche Mark, underwent severe devaluation. In such an extreme situation, where the US dollar might face a similar fate, Schiff admits that Bitcoin reaching such high valuations is conceivable.

Bitcoin vs. Gold: The Ongoing Debate

The economist also delved into the performance comparison between Bitcoin and his preferred asset, gold. Despite the frequent fluctuations in Bitcoin price, its advocates often liken it to gold, the number one precious metal. Schiff expressed his skepticism towards this comparison, highlighting that even if Bitcoin's value drops to $100 in 2031 while gold climbs to $10,000, Bitcoin supporters would still emphasize its 100-fold increase over 20 years, compared to gold's five-fold rise.

Critique of Bitcoin's Market Behavior and Media Coverage

Recently, Peter Schiff has also voiced his opinions on why Bitcoin has not seen significant growth, even falling in price following the launch of spot ETFs. He criticized media outlets like CNBC for what he perceives as biased coverage in favor of investing in Bitcoin.


Peter Schiff's acknowledgment of a scenario where Bitcoin could reach $10 million, albeit under extreme economic conditions, adds a new dimension to the ongoing debate about the future value and stability of cryptocurrencies. While maintaining his critical stance, Schiff's comments reflect the complexity and unpredictability of both cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets.

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