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GameStopMeme ICO

ICO GameStopMeme Description:

ICO Description

GameStopMeme (GMEM) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency token that celebrates the iconic GameStop stock trading frenzy, embodying the spirit of meme culture and financial humor on the blockchain.

GameStopMeme is a tribute to Deep Fucking Value or better known as Roaring Kitty and all the people who managed to bring down the greedy hedge funds. He showed what can happen when everyone pulls together at the same time. As we all know, history doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. Let's repeat history and show the world that we are still here. I LIKE THE TOKEN.



Who doesn't know the Wolf of Wall Street and the legendary parties they celebrated. What if I told you that we will throw an even better and bigger party and celebrate like there is no tomorrow. The only topic in the entire world will be us. You ask yourself what is the meaning of life, that is it.


The price of GameStop shares has gone to the moon. The same thing should happen with the GameStopMeme token and everyone should make so much money that they don't know where to put it. When the time comes, we will have the biggest party in the world, even the big Getsby will look very small.


Only those who have a certain amount of GMEM tokens will be allowed in and will have the best night of their fucking lives.


GameStopMeme, a financial revolution engraved in the Ethereum blockchain, forged by the valour of individual investors and the resounding defeat of hedge funds. GameStopMeme isn't just a digital token, it's a declaration of decentralization, a vibrant call for unity and fairness. The GameStopMeme story is rooted in the recent pages of financial history, where a disparate community converged with unwavering determination to challenge the established order. It's a celebration of community triumph against the greedy practices of hedge funds, a beacon of hope that financial power can be redistributed into the hands of those who truly deserve it. Our mantra, "Power to the People", sounds like a hymn to financial autonomy. GameStopMeme is not just a project; it's an invitation to actively participate in writing a new chapter in global financial history. Every token holder is called upon to be an architect of change, to influence the course of events, and to build a fairer financial future.

Presale URL: https://www.gamestopmeme.com/
Price: 1 ETH = 380000 GMEM
Presale Start Date: Dec 1, 2023, Midnight
Soft Cap: 1000
Hard Cap : 2950
Presale Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
Contract Address: https://etherscan.io/token/0xFd131A610Daf91cd3681675d16F41259eF26765A

⭐ GameStopMeme ICO details:

GameStopMeme ICO ICO Details

GameStopMeme ICO Start: 02 03 2024

GameStopMeme ICO End: 06 03 2024

GameStopMeme Symbol: GMEM

GameStopMeme Platform: Ethereum

GameStopMeme Offering Type: ICO

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