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EcoTerra ICO

ICO EcoTerra Description:

ICO Description

EcoTerra is the first Recycle-to-Earn blockchain based ecosystem, designed to reward users and empower companies whilst taking action against climate change. The ecosystem comprises of four main components: Recycle-2-Earn Application, Carbon Offset Marketplace, Recycled Materials Marketplace and Impact Trackable profile.By scanning items on the EcoTerra app, users can earn $ECOTERRA whilst Recycling items. Once earned app users can hold, stake or spend $ECOTERRA on ecological activities. 


ecoterra is a company which attempts, by making use of blockchain technology, to facilitate and encourage the recycling process in order to fight global warming and climate change. Today’s worsening effects have led not only a lot of big-name companies, but also a great number of consumers to engage themselves in slowing down, and eventually reversing the wild weather pattern that climate change has unfortunately set.


Tree plantations, beach cleanups, and a proper waste management are only some of the ways in which climate change is currently being combated. Recycling is another one. Although today, more than ever, a great emphasis is put on it, recycling still seems to raise some difficulties due to one reason or another. Some people, although well meant, simply say they lack the knowledge (was it the pizza boxes or the soda cans that had to go to the recycling bins?). How the overwhelming majority, however, motivates its unwillingness to recycle is due to a lack of either a convenient access (39%), some extra space for the bins (35%), or enough time to properly separate the waste (29%).


All these reasons seem to indicate the lack of a rather more personal reason to recycle, and may be translated into: “we lack the incentive to find a convenient access”, “we lack the incentive to make some extra space for the recycling bins”, or “we lack the incentive to find time to separate the recyclables”. Without a personal incentive, people are more reluctant to take the extra step needed in order to recycle properly.

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⭐ EcoTerra ICO details:

EcoTerra ICO ICO Details

EcoTerra ICO Start: 03 29 2023

EcoTerra ICO End: 07 31 2023

EcoTerra Symbol: $ECOTERRA

EcoTerra Platform: Ethereum

EcoTerra Offering Type: ICO

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