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ICO De.Fi Description:

ICO Description

DeFi stands for “Decentralized Finance”. It represents a subset of the cryptocurrency industry focused on financial tools that operate automatically via smart contracts. Traditional financial tasks like trading, borrowing, and saving assets are all made possible by DeFi - all with no centralized middlemen.


De.Fi (DeDotFi) was founded during the DeFi Summer of 2020 by a group of DeFi natives with just two goals in mind: make DeFi a safer and more convenient space for everyone. During three years of development, the De.Fi team has grown to 50+ team members worldwide. We work daily to build life-saving products for DeFi investors around the world.

The De.Fi team has created Crypto’s First Antivirus - the most advanced security system in the crypto space, as well a range of other products including our crypto wallet tracker, NFT portfolio tracker, REKT Database, Audit Databases, the largest multichain dashboard/APY aggregator, and more.


De.Fi is the first cross-chain decentralized security network fulfilling the goal of making the DeFi space safer for everyone by developing the fully automated smart contract security scanner and the unique crypto asset management dashboard that brings together high effectiveness and safety of DeFi investments.


Moreover, De.Fi performs comprehensive smart contract security audits, encourages projects to solve their security problems, shares knowledge with the community, and warns users about DeFi risks they are exposed to. The fundamental principle of De.Fi when developing all products and services is assuring decentralization.


Thus, the project relies on decentralized governance and aims to decentralize all the data it provides: results generated by the automated smart contract scanner, the SCW registry and historical DeFi data. The information is subject to decentralized verification performed by a distributed system of Indexers - node operators on De.Fi Chain.

⭐ De.Fi ICO details:

De.Fi ICO ICO Details

De.Fi ICO Start: 12 17 2023

De.Fi ICO End: 06 13 2031

De.Fi Symbol: DEFI

De.Fi Offering Type: ICO

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