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ICO Brickken

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Brickken ICO

ICO Description

Brickken is creating a dApp (decentralized application) that provides the tools needed for individuals and businesses to issue their own Security Tokens, anywhere in the world using state-of-the-art blockchain technology.


Brickken technology finally allows self-crowdfunding. Brickken’s platform provides a user interface that is a best-in-class experience and easy to use. The platform opens opportunities to individuals and businesses looking for alternative methods of raising funding, through tokenization, without intermediaries.


Brickken’s original mantra was that we would ‘tokenize the world’. We quickly realized we were approaching the accessibility of illiquid markets from the wrong perspective.

Brickken’s decentralized technology provides the platform and tools needed for the world to tokenize itself.


The Fuel

Brickken’s utility token BKN, will be used for all transactions made within the platform.

The Engine

A decentralized application capable of providing the simplest way to issue security token initiatives and initiate an STO. Brickken’s dashboard, allows investors to browse and buy the tokenized assets using Brickken. Smart contracts facilitate legal and regulatory compliance and will engage with the issuer, investor and the platform.


A Know-Your-Customer system integrated with the platform will verify the identity of both issuers and investors and ensure regulatory compliant STOs.

The Vision

Brickken’s vision is for our decentralized protocol to become the global legally compliant tokenization standard. Brickken will continue to develop and innovate until it is a full turnkey solution.

Buying BKN

Brickken provides issuers a solution to fund their account balance by purchasing BKN tokens directly from the platform.

Start STOs

Brickken allows issuers to create STOs using BKN and set the terms related to each STO (type, tokenomics, maturity, terms, etc.), directly from the platform.

Withdrawing Funds

Issuers can withdraw successful STO tokens into USDC directly from the platform.

Dividend Management

Issuers can easily manage dividend distribution to investors, which ensure efficient use of time and resources.

Invest in Live STOs

Brickken provides investors with a dashboard broadcasting the live STOs created using Brickken’s decentralized protocol. Brickken’s platform ensures an optimized user interface and experience to improve the investment experience.

Cripto Payments

Brickken has a crypto-payments system that allows investors to buy tokens using any crypto asset available in the marketplace.

Wealth Management

Brickken allows investors to manage their investments in tokenized assets easily. Directly from the platform, investors can receive and withdraw dividends.

STO Token Exchange

Investors can exchange their acquired security tokens for all the available security tokens in the platform.



✅ ICO Brickken details

ICO Details

ICO «Brickken» ICO Start: 2022-03-01

ICO «Brickken» ICO End: 2024-03-01

ICO «Brickken» Symbol: BKN

ICO «Brickken» Platform: Ethereum

ICO «Brickken» Private Sale Start: 2021-09-01

ICO «Brickken» Private Sale Finish: 2023-02-28

ICO «Brickken» Offering Type: ICO

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