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Head of Xapo: absence of Bitcoin in investment portfolio is “irresponsible”

Wences-Casares-Bitcoin-in-investment-portfolio Wences Casares | Head of Xapo

The head of Xapo expressed the opinion that every responsible investor should invest at least 1% of his investment portfolio in Bitcoin, because the first cryptocurrency can affect the world more than the Internet.

Wences Casares stressed that if you invest in Bitcoin, for example, 1% of the $ 10 million portfolio, this investment can bring up to $ 25 million in 7-10 years. According to the head of Xapo, the rate of the first cryptocurrency may well reach $ 1 million in a specified period of time. If Bitcoin disappears, then the loss will be only $ 100,000.

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Founder of Xapo: Bitcoin has yet to prove its success

ICO-NEWS-Bitcoin-has-yet-to-prove-its-success Wences Casares | Founder & CEO of Xapo

The founder and CEO of Xapo, Wences Casares, stressed that Bitcoin is an intellectual experiment that still needs years to prove its success.

"It may work, it might not work," Casares said on Monday in a Bloomberg Television interview. "We are in the equivalent of 1992 for the internet," said Casares.

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XAPO Cryptocurrency Wallet


Xapo provides its users with a fairly convenient wallet for daily operations, as well as a Vault (cold bitcoin wallet), designed for long-term safe storage of crypto currency, bitcoin. There are mobile versions of this purse for Android, as well as for iOS. In addition, each user can order a Xapo debit card for purchases in online stores or withdraw cash from ATMs around the world. Appearing in 2012, HARO is confidently gaining momentum. Thus, according to experts, the total investment in the project for 2014 amounted to 100 million. From what, we conclude that HARO came to the Bitcoin market "seriously and for a long time."

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