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Digital Fever: Who makes money on a crypto currency boom?


During the "gold rush" the main profits were distributed between sellers of shovels, picks and wheelbarrows. During the boom placements on digital exchanges - those who serve this infrastructure. Russians are among the leaders of this segment of the market. 

The "Initial Coin Offering" (ICO), which flourishes on the Internet, is the modern Klondike: a little-known project can collect millions of dollars for days or even minutes. In April 2017, the ICO released Gnosis, a tote that allows you to make online betting on any future events. In just 10 minutes, Gnosis collected 166.7 thousand ethers, equivalent to $ 12.7 million, plus an additional $ 3.8 million in other crypto-currencies. ICO blocking projects and do show astounding results: the startup Tezos in July collected a record for the market of crypto-currency in the amount of $ 232 million, and the Russian developer of a supercomputer on SONM's blockbuster attracted $ 42 million in June.

A new investment tool in most countries is not regulated in any way - everything is based on trust. And it's unlikely to last long. July 25, the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States expressed its position that the ICO should be subject to the laws governing the work of the securities market. A similar statement was made on July 31 by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

"It is generally accepted that holding an ICO is such a gold mine where both the prospectors and those who help them earn well. Yes, it's true, "Dmitry Shmakov, director of marketing for The Token Fund, articulates without hesitation. Regulators are going to, on the one hand, impose the release of crypto-taxes on a tax, on the other - to increase the degree of responsibility of companies to their holders. According to market participants, this may lead to the end of general euphoria by winter. After all, owners of crypto-actions will be able to sue the owners of companies, wasted their money. Obviously, many ICO-companies will not survive, but this will not kill the intermediaries business - serious companies from the real sector will start the tool.

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