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ICO Description

Emorya is a Hyper Deflationary Token created on Binance Smart chain. Since the classic currencies are loosing value everyday we have managed to create a Hyper Deflationary Token which instead of being inflative like the classic currencies it gains value in time through our sophisticated coin features. Emorya token holders are not only rewarded through static rewards but also through true automatic burns from every trade within the liquidity pool.

What is EMORYA?
The answer is simple, EMORYA is YOUR FREEDOM
What do we mean by FREEDOM?
Financial FREEDOM and the possibilty to do whatever you want with your TIME AND LIFE.
Through HyperDeflation.

Emorya started from the Idea of 2 people who saw the way of how society works, and who didn't wanted to accept the Ideea that they have to spend their lives working hard labour jobs which are underpayed. We didn't wanted to spend our lives working and building another persons dream. It wasn't enough for us to work and go 2 times per year on vacation and then continue to WASTE our lives like that.
Emorya is built around the idea of that if you have a job and do hard work for money, you don't need to do it repeatedly.If you wake up everyday and go to work what do you get in return? It's simple you get money, Classic Currencies! Classic currencies are loosing value from the moment that you have picked them up. So you will have to wake up again tomorrow and earn more.


Emorya was built by PEOPLE for THE PEOPLE.

We are here to make you QUIT YOUR JOB and offer you your TIME back. Think about how many beautiful moments did you lost with your family and friends only because you needed to wake up early everyday and go to build the someone elses dream. If you are here, you're in the right place! Get back your moments with you family and friends and do only the things that make you and the others around you happy! Be yourself and spend your life in the way YOU want!



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ICO Details

ICO «Emorya Finance» ICO Start: 2021-12-01

ICO «Emorya Finance» ICO End: 2022-01-01

ICO «Emorya Finance» Symbol: EY

ICO «Emorya Finance» Platform: BSC

ICO «Emorya Finance» Offering Type: ICO

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